Topographical mapping

Topographic Mapping is based on elevation of particular area of the land and presenting it in map with help of points and lines. It helps in route planning, thematic data preparation and decision making for telecom and transport services. It’s significant for disaster management. It includes natural and artificial features of an area on the surface or below it.

Some of the outputs of topographical mapping are as follows:

  • Digital terrain models (DTMs)
  • Digital surface models (DSMs)
  • Digital elevation models (DEMs)
  • Triangulated irregular networks (TINs)

Even the government departments opt for digital mapping information for their networks. These are used for the following features:

  • Disaster management
  • Engineering and Architecture purposes
  • Defence and Security
  • Infrastructural services
  • Route planning
  • Geographical representation of thematic data
  • Telecom and Transport services