Solid waste management

Solid waste management is an essential part of any society hence a systematic and smooth process of planning and execution is essential. RNK is passionate about managing solid waste smartly.

RNK provides advanced technological solutions for waste management in rural and urban areas. Our solutions will minimize cost and increase productivity with high end technical solutions. We provide solutions for waste collection, waste removal, waste treatment, waste transportation, Landfill disposal and at last waste recycling and reuse.

RNK’s integrated solid waste management services are helpful at every level from collection to the final treatment:

  • Efficiency in Door Step Collection
  • Monitoring vehicle movement
  • Cautious Weight Management
  • Smart Storage Bins
  • Transparency in Payment
  • Central Control

Excess of waste or unhygienic waste can lead to unhealthy condition and spread diseases. As we are dedicated to maintain quality of life and we aim at providing a healthy ambience, we ensure effectiveness and efficiency in our services. We firmly believe in taking care of Mother Nature therefore, we ensure negligible effect on environment and our priority is human safety and health.