Farming is an art and farming with advanced technology results into massive change in agricultural industry and lifestyle of farmer. GIS application in agriculture has been playing an increasingly important role in crop production throughout the world by helping farmers in increasing production, reducing costs, and managing their land resources more efficiently. GIS application in agriculture such as agricultural mapping plays a vital role in monitoring and management of soil and irrigation of any given farm land. GIS agriculture and agricultural mapping act as an essential tools for management of agricultural sector by acquiring and implementing the accurate information into a mapping environment. GIS application in agriculture also helps in management and control of agricultural resources. GIS agriculture technology helps in improvement of the present systems of acquiring and generating GIS agriculture and resources data.

At RNK, we provide wide range of solutions using modern techniques in agricultural sector which include:

  • Agricultural mapping for detailed vegetation cover and monitoring
  • Digital elevation model for efficient drainage
  • Planning – Analysis – Modelling of agricultural pattern
  • Water requirement for irrigation and planning
  • Satellite image processing and interpretation for yield estimation
  • Agricultural information management system
  • Crop assessment and Crop health
  • Irrigated landscape mapping
  • Change detection studies and developing crop models