Parcel mapping

Changing land development and increasing property values make it important for a community to maintain accurate parcel maps to identify and maintain the currency of legal boundaries for public and private properties.

Parcel mapping is about creating parcels of land for efficient land management. In the process of parcel mapping we generate maps from base maps, with polygons which include the details of ownership of land and other important information associated with the property. Parcel mapping services can be used for many purposes land administration & property registration by local and national governing bodies.

RNK’s parcel mapping services are precise, accurate that can be used by both commercial and public users, and with parcel maps one can easily identify location, size, shape and other specific properties of the land. Various applications of parcel mapping are:

  • Land Use Planning / Development
  • Tax Assessment
  • Engineering
  • Utilities Surveys

RNK’s parcel mapping services are targeted to various segments of the society including:

  • State and Local Government
  • Engineers
  • City Planners
  • Tax Assessors
  • Public and Private Utility Services
  • Commercial Real Estate and Private
  • Homeowners