Municipal GIS

Municipal GIS is Geographic Information System that deals with managing multiple tasks of municipalities like property tax, birth and death registration, socio economic data management and undertaking registrations.

RNK aims at working with regional, local and national government bodies, we truly understand the need for distinctiveness and confidentiality of government projects.

Municipal GIS can be used to generate the current geospatial view of a particular municipal corporation along with up-to-dated database. The database includes various information such as owner details, property details, year of construction, amenities, etc. This type of municipal geographic information system is required for planning, development and analysis of future urban infrastructure. Thematic maps/ Zonal maps can be used for water network planning, property mapping, maintenance of cities and civil amenities services, etc.

Municipal geographic information system generated using spatial and non-spatial data will be useful for generating maps for any specific use by the concerned municipality field officer, thereby saving cost and time. Daily updation of spatial and non-spatial data can also be carried out, thereby keeping this Municipal GIS System in an updated position.

Municipal GIS Services offered by RNK are:

  • Property Tax Assessment
  • Survey of the individual properties
  • Updation of the non-spatial database
  • Infrastructure database creation
  • Updation of property records
  • Base maps digitization
  • Land records computerization