Oil and Gas

The growth and development of nations worldwide has led to a steep rise in the demands for oil and gas. This trend has led to the oil and gas mining industries to invest more in progressive and adaptive technologies like GIS for oil and gas.

RNK is efficient in provision of eminent solutions to meet special requirement of oil and gas industry. As every machine needs fuel, we provide oil and gas of high quality with economic rate. It’s critical as it needs full concentration and expertise however with our tech savvy and experienced team we are achieving various goals with immense success. GIS for oil and gas also helps in land management which includes working on centralization of the data for report creation for regulators or for better analysis of the project.

Our list of solutions for Oil and Gas sector includes:-

  • Field operations using high resolution imagery
  • Oil and gas pipeline planning
  • Environmental management
  • Disaster management
  • Gas distribution management system
  • Data acquisition and monitoring
  • Pipeline integrity management system
  • Pipeline network survey and mapping